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Peachtree Middle School

Dekalb County Schools

• Scheduling

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Student Schedule

Student schedules will be available for families to access via Infinite Campus in late July.

Schedules are distributes on the first day of school, but you can also visit Infinite Campus to view them online.

  • All students have a total of seven (7) class periods.
  • There are four (4) content classes: Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies within the same team. To view what team you’re on, click here and look for your teachers on the grid.
  • Students have either ELT (extended learning time), where enrichment and support are offered OR they have a high school World Language course (7th and 8th grade only).
  • Our two (2) elective blocks are offered
    • 1st and 2nd period for 8th grade
    • 4th and 5th period for 7th grade
    • 6th and 7th period for 6th grade
  • One elective block are 9-week rotations of PE/Health. The other elective block is either a random 9-week rotation of Connections classes OR full-year music.

  • Lunch is offered during 3rd period for 7th grade, 4th period for 8th and 6th grade. Lunch will be in our cafeteria this year where students sit by team in designated sections.

For parent to access Infinite Campus, use the same login information as you have in the past. If you need a password reset or forgot your login information, please contact our registrar at [email protected].

Student Change Info

Things to know before making a request:

  • We will do our best to make the change requested, but please know that specific teacher and/or team requests will not be honored.

  • Requests to enter the World Language Program, Carnegie Art and STEM Academy will be accepted up until August 19th based on class availability.

  • Requests to enter the Accelerated Math Program will be accepted throughout the school year but it is STRONGLY encouraged for students to enter the program before August 19th. Requests made after that date will require multiple steps for entry into the program.

  • Connection/elective requests are honored based on class availability and seat capacity.

  • Request for withdrawal of the following programs will be considered up until the date listed below:

  • World Language Level I - up until the 13.5 week mark (ask counselor/teacher for exact date)

  • Please note requests to withdraw from Level II will require district approval. Please email your counselor for further information.

  • STEM Academy - up until the 35th day (ask counselor/teacher for exact date) if there are open seats outside of the STEM Academy.

  • Accelerated Math Program - up until the 35th day.

  • ESOL and Gifted Waive-Out - up until August 19th.

  • All other classes - up until August 19th.